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Welcome Macka Diamond to Si Mee


LAUNCH DATE 10/31/2020

As many of our shoppers know, Si Mee Collections is about the strength of the woman. We've designed an armband around the upper arm of this Fall Line, signifying the unique army of ambitious and self-made women all around the world.

Women who battle from the hidden pains of health, mental/physical abuse, stress and all that life throws at us. Never the less, with a smile on our face, we dress up, show up and produce. We are excited about this Fall Line, with it's vibrant colors of fleece and organza fabrics. The garments will keep you warm, comfortable and looking unique as you go through your day. These are imminent showstoppers.

This is why Si Mee Collections is so happy to collaborate with Macka Diamond who is a strong Jamaican female entertainer. She has paved the way for many young upcoming artist in the dancehall industry. Her unique style and quick lyrics are her trademark for producing great hit songs. She's had a rollercoaster of a time in the music industry and therefore her knowledge in unsurpassable . She's encouraged women all over the world to stand their ground in this male dominated field and petitioned them to protect their dignity and value their worth.

The year of 2020 came in fully loaded with unpredicted struggles and hardship felt by every nation and if SiMeeMackadoucious can put a smile on your face and keep you warm and comfy during this winter, then we have achieved the gift of small happiness.

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