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V.I.P Access to Si-Mee Spring Wear

You are receiving this email because you are a VIP Customer on our list to receive Exclusive Access to our new inventory.

This Spring we are rocking Polka dots in a chic and classic way. This design is a one of a kind look for women who know fashion and trends. This design is a two pocket, detachable hood and flawless flowing style. A design that fulfills every vacation need and a fabric that is iron free.

Wearing this design on my vacation in Jamaica a few weeks ago, at one of Jamaica's finest Melia Braco Resorts, made me even more aware that good fashion is such a conversation attraction. Strangers became instant friends as they admired the New Arrival of the "Hoodiewood Flows'. Women of all ages admired the elegance of the material and commented on how stunning this was on the beach. Although totally covered, with my swimsuit underneath, I was able to meander on all parts of the resort and beach totally an attraction. I wish I had made more samples as I found that I needed nothing more for my vacation.

For everyone ordering this design, it comes in

Blue Polka Dots

Black Polka Dots

White Polka Dots

Maroon Polka Dots

Just put the phrase "I Love To Travel" in your message box and receive 25% Discount.


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