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My Hairline Walked Right Off My head

My hairline just walked straight off my head

Allow me to start from the beginning when I was a hairdresser. My love for hair was not as a stylist, colorist or cutter, but as someone who could help my clients destress from life’s everyday issues. Having my hair done was therapy for me and I wanted to have all my clients feel the same. I feel a sense of euphoria when I look in the mirror and feel complete. There’s just something about the look and feel of healthy looking hair. Many of us women who ran with the fad (which blew up around the start of the 2000’s) are now experiencing the effects of weaves and wigs when it comes to our hairlines. Being a salon owner, I saw this coming years ago.

Well, this is where this story in my blog really starts. I had a client who was in her late 20’s and she had a beautiful head of black, silky, flowing hair; slightly past shoulder length. She visited my salon about every other week for about 6 months. We became sisters overnight as we bonded over motherhood and work. She worked in the corporate world, which means, good appearance is essential. As clients go, I started to see her less and less, but we still remained friends. She told me that she had moved to the city and due to her new work schedule, she found it easier to get her hair done in Manhattan. The city has many great salons on almost every corner.

Moving forward to 10 years later, While travelling to the city, I ran into her on the train and she was as beautiful as ever. As a hairdresser, I noticed she was wearing a wig. I complimented her on her new style and how it was becoming on her. She made a frown face and continued to explain that over the last few years she had noticed that her hair was thinning from her hairline and she started acquiring bald spots in certain areas. She asked if she could come and see me for an evaluation. She went onto explaining that she was unsure if this started happening due to her wearing wigs for over 3 years. She found them to be so easy to wear and they took time off her getting ready in the mornings. The following Sunday she came into the salon and to my astonishment, her hair was now dry, brittle, and most of all thinning all over. As I am not a Dermatologist, I suggested that she research one immediately and whatever they told her to do, she should follow their advice. All I could do was to wash and deep condition and roller set her hair as I wanted to use as little heat or chemicals as I could.

At the young age of 35, I resigned from the hairdressing business and decided to follow my passion of fashion designing. My company is and can also be viewed on IG @simeecollections. From these new platforms, I’ve met many clients both old and new. It was a surprise when I received a notification for a friend request from that same young lady as I have not spoken to her in years. After a long talk and catch up, we ended our conversation and I decided to scroll through her profile pictures, there I noticed that she was still wearing her wigs. I asked how her hair was doing and what was her condition since we had not seen each other in a while. She explained that her hair journey has been a nightmare. She was diagnosed with alopecia. She went on to explain the amount of money she had spent on fake products that did not work. She expressed that these endorsed products by celebrities were laughable. She just gave up and started to wear her wigs, because either way life has to go on and her appearance in the public is important.

Here’s the juice of this story….A month ago, I was sent a jar of Edge Naturale. Just by the name alone, I was impressed. After reading their ingredients I immediately thought of my friend. I reached out and asked if she was willing to try something new I'd recently received. I explained that I had no personal data on this product, but I was willing to do a week by week review of how this product worked. She agreed and said, “I am willing to try anything at this point, but I am not expecting much” .

I explained that she should use the product twice a day and everyday for six weeks. Within the first week, she said she had not really felt or seen any change, but, we both agreed that it had only been one week. I took a picture just as I promised I would for my review. Week two, I asked her to send me a pic. I was blown away by what I saw. I was super excited to show her that I see a small improvement and that I had hope. Week three was a delight to me. After collating the pictures from week 1-3, we both could significantly see that something promising was happening to her edge. I encouraged her to use some of the product on the balding parts of her head.

The weekly pictures she sent me speaks a million words in my conclusion of this product.. Not only is my friend now able to wear her hair in a ponytail, but she now has the confidence to wear her out in public and retire the wigs. . Her hair is natural and without chemicals and I feel if she continues using Edge Naturale, she will regain the loss of her beautiful hair. I am super impressed with this product and very proud as I did my own weekly trial and I will update you guys in 6 months as to how her hair has improved. This product is real and I will continue to endorse its use.

Week 1 - 5

These images have been in no way edited or photoshopped

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