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Ms. Mack Changed My Home Life

1. You relocated to Las Vegas from New York. Was it your intention to buy a home in less than 2 years of moving here? Absolutely not. I knew I wanted to buy another house at some point but did not believe I could do it so soon. The homes in New York are expensive along with property taxes. Therefore, I thought I would need to wait several years before I could consider buying a home. However, when I was introduced to Munira Mack, she planted the seed of homeownership and it opened my eyes to at least venture out to look at homes. I quickly realized how much more affordable homes are in Las Vegas and that you get more value for your money. I was grateful that every weekend she contacted me, and we were able to view homes in different locations in Las Vegas. She built up my confidence that buying a home was attainable.

2. Buying a home is a big decision and financial commitment. Did you have any doubts or concerns about starting the process? There were some concerns especially because of a recent breakup involving a jointly owned property still in dispute. It was reassuring that throughout the process Munira was always available to answer my questions and to erase any doubts about the process. Working with a realtor who is responsive to your phone calls or text messages really makes a difference because you do not feel like you are alone navigating the process.

3. Did your realtor explain the steps required to buy a home so you understood what to expect during the process? Yes. She outlined the steps, various options and all involved from soups to nuts. She talked to me about different programs that could assist with down payments, the contract and escrow process, along with the expected timeline. The discussions we had helped me set my expectations and I never felt frustrated even when we faced challenges during the process.

4. How long from start to finish did it take you to complete the purchase process once you found your home? Since it was new construction it took a little over 4 months. I never imagined I could buy a new construction home, but I am sure if I purchased an existing property the process would have been shorter.

5. When you think about this buying experience what stands out the most in your mind about your realtor? What stands out most to me is Munira’s commitment to ensuring I closed on this house and her efforts in going beyond the scope of her responsibilities as a realtor to make sure I closed. About 2 days prior to my closing, we encountered a major obstacle that could have killed the deal. Her legal background, no can-do attitude, and commitment all in concert got me this house. Hands down!

6. How likely are you to recommend your realtor to family, friends or co-workers? Extremely likely. Munira Mack is the only realtor I would ever recommend. It was clear to me that she is willing to go the extra mile and I felt she truly had my best interest in mind. She is knowledgeable about the market and an advocate for her clients.

7. In one sentence, how would you describe your realtor? Munira Mack was the MVP in my home purchase.

  1. Finally, how do you feel now that you are moved into your new home? Relieved, grateful, and incredibly happy. It is hard to put into words the feeling of waking up every morning with the mountains in my backyard and a panoramic view of the strip at the front of my home and rooftop deck. Munira created trust and the belief that I could purchase my dream home and the opportunity to realize that dream is amazing.

Munira Mack

America's Choice Realty



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