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Mardi Gras @ Lake Las Vegas

New Orleans would've been proud of Lake Las Vegas commemorating their traditional festive season of Mardi Gras. The village was bombarded with golf cart floats, all fully decorated by our locals. There where beads and candies tossed to the crowds of waiting spectators.

Children, screamed and ran around frolicking as children do when a parade is in full swing. Later that evening Sonrisa Grill opened their doors for an evening of action filled masqueraders. Guests came fully dressed for the occasion and they left nothing unturned from masks, beads, .

Dining and menus were magnificent and true to the Southern dining we would expect for this occasion.

Si Mee Collections marveled the guest with a Masquerade Fashion Show that put the evening over the top. Endless colorful gowns were worn and models of all shapes and sizes were chosen for this event. The jewelry worn by the beautiful models were striking. Rosemarie Macklin also offered her gowns at an amazing discount of 50% for her one of a kind ball gowns. The evening was a cascade of endless fashion and fun. Hope to see you next year for Mardi Gras 2020.

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