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Updated: Jun 23, 2018

My culture is what drives my every decision.  As a Jamaican and one who connects to her roots, I am always excited when a trip home is scheduled on the calendar.  I look at Jamaica as a place that draws me to it’s people, music, food and all aspect of this tiny island.  The meaning of “no place like home”, is defined so clearly in my heart.  Every visit to my home land, ignites my creative genes and allows me to see my design in ways only the Caribbean can.

Jamaica is not all about beaches, jerk chicken and Red Stripe Beer.  Places in Jamaica like White River, Flat Bridge, Glistening Waters, and The Blue Hole are all a part of the experience of travelling to this tropical island.  They all have characteristics that are unique to the island and its mystical rhythms.   I feel the richness of Jamaica is sometimes lost in it’s undiscovered history.

On my last trip to Jamaica, I stayed in Ocho Rios a small town in the parish of St Ann, where I had the opportunity to visit this hidden gem, called The Blue Hole.  This was an experience like no other.  It is a beautiful secluded area with waterfalls and romantic coves. After an interesting walk, our guide took us to this majestic opening of crystal blue waters, where we came upon the most beautiful deep blue natural water one had ever seen.  Enthusiastic tourist took pleasure in leaping into the depths of the blue water and enjoyed the euphoric experience; A feeling of both danger and fright.  I refrained from taking the plunge, but thoroughly enjoyed the excitement that this place gave everyone.  On the journey back to the hotel, I could not stop thinking of the ripples each time someone dived into the water.  My mind instantly started to visualize my new collection.  I was inspired by the gasps and the elation of fun which captured the sense of innocence of the moment.  This was priceless to me.

A few days later we traveled to the Parish of Trelawny in an area called Falmouth.  Even though I lived and traveled all over Jamaica, we asked a few locals to direct us to more interesting places in and around the neighborhood.  We were directed to a place called Glistening waters where the locals let us know that at night the water came to life.  Strange as this may sound, once we visited the lagoon everything made sense.  This beautiful natural lagoon, illuminates upon entry because of the millions of glowing microscopic organisms.  To watch the water light up as you move is truly an experience that blew my mind.  The luminous iridescent water was the birthplace for my “Lillion” collection.  I was inspired to use luminous fabrics to capture the feel of serenity.

Most visitors to the island, have heard about Dunn’s River Falls and its natural waterfall.  This is an attraction where tourist walk up the gushing flow of water and try to stay balanced as they climb the falls.

Then there’s Jake’s in Negril that is known for the breathtaking cliffs.  All day, frenzied tourist takes a leap from the rocks and into the ocean from the highest cliffs.  Not sure if this is madness or liquid courage, that makes intelligent people want to take risks such as this.  Nevertheless, Jamaica has many natural water attractions.  From lagoons to rivers, from rivers to falls, all these highlights are my inspiration for my upcoming collection.

You will see pieces that scream Y’s Fall, Flat Bridge, Port Royal and many others.  Jamaica is an island that is rich.  Full of undiscovered and under exposed beauty.  Just take a leaf out of the book of writer’s such as Ian Fleming, Bob Marley, Gwen Stefani and Drake.  They found their mystical path to their creativeness.

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