S I   M E E   F A S H I O N   B L O G!

Single by fashion?

Sep 28th

Ladies, take note and don’t be surprised when I say men are as much a critic as you and me.  When a man takes pride in himself, his attire, his hair is well-groomed and his car always smells like he just drove it off the lot; this is a true sign that STYLE and FASHION plays a role in his life.......



Sep 9th

My culture is what drives my every decision. As a Jamaican and one who connects to her roots, I am always excited when a trip home is scheduled on the calendar. I look at Jamaica as a place that draws me to it’s people, music, food and all aspect of this tiny island. The meaning of “no place like home”, is defined so clearly in my heart. Every visit to my home land, ignites my creative genes and allows me to see my design in ways only the Caribbean can......




"Just an ordinary day in the boutique and the phone rings. A pleasant voice on the other end (Amanda Gwen Crawford) introduced herself and went on to explain how she came across my name and my company. “You worked with a model a few months ago, her name is Liliana West. She was wearing one of your beautiful swimwear cover-up designs which caught my eye. We’d love to know if you would be interested in being a part of our OC Fashion Week 2018”. I was amazed and floored! Who wouldn’t be? Immediately I contacted my team!

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